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In the United Kingdom it is a legal requirement for businesses to keep a record of all their waste including waste which is deemed to be non-hazardous. This is achieved through a system of Waste Transfer Notes. Each of these notes must be kept for a minimum of 2 years. Island Environmental Hygiene are happy to assist our customers with regard to their Waste Transfer Notes.


Island Environmental Hygiene are one of the market leaders for the collection of non-hazardous waste on the Isle of Wight. As well as sanitary bins (please see more about our sanitary bin collections here), we can also provide customers with nappy bins for baby changing areas and offer a comprehensive collection service.


All collections are tailored to individual customer requirements. Island Environmental Hygiene work closely will clients to ensure the correct collection schedule is put in place to best accommodate the needs of the company. It is inevitable that this may change throughout the year, especially true on the Island, where many businesses rely heavily on the tourist trade. We offer a flexible service and are happy to arrange additional collections during our customers’ busier months. Equally, if organisations wish to decrease the frequency of pickups this can be arranged too.



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